Lost and Unseen

The Names Kyra

I’m so angry and upset that my bully is at my boyfriends house for a party. I could have been there. I’m so pissed off and upset I’m just raging

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I can’t stop being happy about this


2009 me would think that 2014 me was hot and thats all that matters

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"It’s fine, I’m used to it."

Isn’t it sad, admitting that? You’re use to being hurt, played, cheated on, taken for granted, backstabbed, etc., To the point where nothing really seems to matter to you anymore. To the point where it seems like no one cares about your feelings and thoughts. And to the point where you know someone hurt you so much, your last reply is “it’s fine, I’m used to it.”

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Still going through Friday Night Lights withdrawal


all day everyday.. 

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it really sucks when u think someone is ur friend but u find out they are just talking to u to take advantage of u and ur stuff lmao

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Can’t believe as of 12pm tonight my boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months.
Gah, he’s so amazing to me

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